Watch It Played
Black Lives Matter.
A message to our Watch It Played viewers.

The cruel, unjustifiable death of George Floyd and resulting world-wide protests are another reminder of the continued impact of racism on the lives of people in our communities.

Systemic racism exists in our towns and cities, so we must recognize that it assuredly exists at our gaming tables and in our industry. We must make a serious effort to educate ourselves, so we can be better able to recognize and fight against it. This is a responsibility I will be taking on more directly in my own life.

Watch It Played must better support and reflect the diversity and inclusion we want our hobby to represent. We will demonstrate this by listening, learning and taking action. When we fall short, we will welcome increased accountability.

Watch It Played’s content and community of creators will strive to align with our conviction that black lives matter.

- Rodney Smith
June, 2020